Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I receive guidance after purchasing my business?

A:We will supply you with suppliers and potential clients’ email addresses. Other questions are only a short phone call or email away.

Q: Who is responsible for marketing?

A: ATD of America will promote the corporate name and all business email addresses. You are responsible for your personal business advertisements.

Q: Can I have multiple locations?

A: Yes! We encourage various locations

Q: Why should I invest in a business?

A: In today’s economy, licenses are far more profitable than a non-established venture.

Q: What does the business fee include?

A: For your $6,500 investment, you receive:

  1. 5′ x 8′ enclosed trailer
  2. * 150 gallon water tank
  3. * 2600 psi pressure washer
  4. * 5500 watt portable generator
  5. Wet/dry vacuum
  6. Tools needed for advertising
  7. Training held locally to prepare new business owner

* or similar specification

Q: Is it my business?

A: Yes! You run it, manage it and advertise it the way you want. ATD of America wants you to run your business.

Q: Must we buy supplies from you?

A: If you wish, we will supply you with a list of our retailers. But, you can purchase supplies from whomever or wherever you want. You don’t sign a contract saying we provide supplies to you.

Q: Are there costs other than the initial investment of the trailer?

A: Yes. A monthly fee of $500.00 is required.

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